WeKare Disability Support Services (W.D.S.S.) is guided by three principles in their operations.

It’s your right to get the best choice and care. Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

Specialised Knowledge

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Wekare Disability Support Services (WDSS) have professionals who work in a serious, thoughtful and sustained way to master the specialised knowledge that they need to succeed in their field. This include professionals like Social Workers, Support Coordinators and Disability Support workers.


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WDSS is a reliable organisation and we keep our promises. If circumstances arise that prevent us from delivering on our promises, we manage expectations up front and we do our best to make the situation right.

Honesty and Integrity

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WDSS keep their word, and we can be trusted implicitly because of this. We never compromise our values and will do the right thing.

What We Do

The objective of WeKare Disability Support Services (WDSS)  is to build participant’s confidence and self-esteem, empowering them by actively involving them in decisions about their care needs, enhancing their autonomy and independence and improving their personal wellbeing and quality of life.
WDSS collaborate with Local Area Coordinators (LAC), service providers, we assist to link participants to mainstream services such as (GP, psychiatrist, community nurse, schools etc) and connect participants to NDIS funded supports such as allied health professionals (occupational therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist etc) to achieve the best outcomes for people with disability and their families. We also promote early intervention for children with a disability, developmental delay or other additional needs, who may require the support of professionals across several settings and disciplines.
WDSS empower participants to think about how they would like to live their life using the eight domains of the NDIS which include the following:


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Finding and keeping a job, e.g. transition to employment and keeping a job, work skills, workability, individual employments support, employment preparation, Assistance in Disability Employment (ADE).


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This includes assistive technologies, equipment and home or vehicle modifications, stair climber, certification or approval of home modifications, elevator-home, grab rails, modification to bathroom, toilet, laundry, kitchen, structural work etc.

Lifelong learning

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Improved learning is ongoing assistance with transition into and from educational programs, day programs and workplaces for training.

Choice and control

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Improved life choices, e.g. financial intermediary- setup costs, training in planning and plan management building financial skills, organisational skills, and enhancing the participant’s ability to direct their supports and/or develop self-management capabilities.

Health and Wellbeing

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Support that enables a participant to build their independence and skills. For example, exercise physiology, personal training, dietician consultation and plan development.

Social Community Participation

Social Community participation

Assistance with social and community participation, e.g. recreation, peer support, community participation, life choices, active ageing, community access programs, vacation care, Out of School Hours Care (OOSH), weekend programs, flexible respite, centre based respite, group fitness for people with disability.

Daily Living Decisions

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Support that enables a participant to complete activities of daily living and enables them to work towards their goals and meet their objectives. For example, household decision making, personal care and domestic tasks Assistance with household tasks, Meals on Wheels preparation and delivery of meals, assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in independent living or shared living environment, Short term Accommodation and Assistance (e.g. Respite care).

Improved Relationships

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Improved relationships, e.g. intensive behaviour intervention, development and monitoring of management plan. Positive behaviour management strategies, individualised social skills development.


WeKare Disability Support Services is committed to showing respect for the human rights of each and every employee. We seek to eliminate discrimination of all kinds, whether based on race, nationality, gender, religion, belief, or disability.

Aboriginal flag

WeKare Disability Support Services acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia and we welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our service.


WeKare Disability Support Services

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